The practice area of insolvency at the law firm is managed by Adv. Amir Bartov, one of Israel’s top experts in the field. Adv. Amir Bartov has led, in recent years, all large debt restructuring arrangements in the domestic economy, and his joining the firm has expanded the range of services offered, enabling the provision of first-rate counsel also for distressed companies, regarding complex financing transactions and debt restructuring arrangements. The practice area of insolvency requires extensive experience and expertise in multiple legal areas, such as civil law, corporate law and securities law, coupled with a wide-ranging grasp and perspective of economics and accounting. Adv. Bartov has years of experience in all aspects of legal assistance to companies in financial distress and insolvency, which includes representing companies vis-à-vis creditors, providing legal guidance to companies in working out debt restructuring arrangements, representing companies in the various courts of law, and being personally appointed as a court-appointed officer.