January '20   Globes

Our law firm, represented Elad Group, Izhak Tshuva, real estate group in North America in a NIS Million 500 of bonds which were offered to institutional investors and registered on Rezef - TASE. Elad was represented by, Israel Shimonov, Dudi Berland, Oren Elkabetz, Benjamin Ben Zimra and Ido Lachman

January '20   Globes

Two Israeli medical cannabis companies are merging – Cannbit Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has completed its acquisition of “Tikun Olam” activity in Israel. Simultaneously, Cannbit  completed a public equity offering of NIS 26.5 million, a big step in the Israeli medical cannabis industry. Cannbit was represented by Adv. Israel Shimonov and Adv. Nir Cohen Sasson.

December '19   Calcalist

In 2019, our firm provided legal advice and guidance in the transaction for the acquisition of cannabis grower Tikun Olam's Israeli business by Cannbit Ltd.

December '19   Calcalist

The Carasso Group signed a conditional sale agreement for the purchase of car leasing and rental company "Cal Auto" which, subject to several suspensive conditions, will enter into effect. This is a strategic transaction that will expand Carasso's car leasing and rental activities. Cal Auto has line of credit from the banking industry, excluding the First International Bank Ltd. Cal Auto's liabilities amount to NIS 1.45 billion, with total assets amounting to NIS 1.6 billion. As part of the transaction, Carasso assumed Cal Auto's liabilities. Cal Auto Group is represented by adv. Amir Bar-Tov and Ayelet Berkovich Simchovitch.

December '19   Globes

The companies Ortam Sahar Engineering Ltd, Ortam Sahar Infrastructures and Construction Ltd. and Malibu Construction Ltd. (hereinafter – "the Ortam Group"), with respect to which a creditors arrangement was authorized in 2016 by the Tel Aviv Jaffa District Court, filed a petition to commence proceeding, by way of a stay of proceedings, due to cash flow difficulties the Group experienced in the wake of the creditors arrangement. This was due to the group's inability to take out loans in order to issue bank guarantees for the parties that commissioned the projects, to support their new activity. The president of the Tel Aviv Jaffa District Court, the Hon. Judge E. Orenstein, granted the motion and appointed the trustees for the previous arrangement as trustees for the Group companies. The companies were represented by adv. Amir Bar-Tov and Shimrit Melman from our Firm.

October '19   Calcalist

Adv. Amir Bar-Tov and Liron Sapir are representing All-Year in a class action suit filed against it on the grounds of a misleading detail in an immediate report.

October '19   Globes

Dori Construction Ltd. has filed through our Firm - adv. Amir Bar-Tov, Shimrit Melman and Liron Sapir, a motion for stay of proceedings with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District Court, in view of the numerous legal proceedings initiated by project developers, which caused the company cash flow problems. The motion for stay of proceedings included an offer by the controlling shareholder, Amos Luzon Development and Energy Ltd. to reach a creditors' arrangement, to settle the company's debts in an orderly fashion under the court's supervision.

September '19   Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

In September 2019, the amendment of the TASE Bylaws was approved, to allow dual listing of foreign REITs, some of which are incorporated as a trust and not as a company.

September '19  

Our firm represented Namco Realty, which holds commercial shopping centers across the USA, in a NIS 400 million (400,000,000 NIS) bond raise on the TASE.

September '19  

Our firm represented Elad Canada (owned by Mr. Yitzhak Tshuva) in a NIS 500 million (500,000,000 NIS) bond raise on the TASE.

September '19   Calcalist

In 2019, the firm accompanied in a groundbreaking and first-of-its-kind IPO Prospectus, when for the first time ever, a U.S. REIT with an UPREIT structure was introduced on the TASE to offer shares to the Israeli public, for which reason the REIT underwent the full listing process in Israel and not a dual listing.

August '19   Haaretz

Our firm is proud to represent Hertz Group Realty Trust, the first U.S. REIT to offer UPREIT shares in Israel, in this first-of-its-kind and precedent-setting process in the Israeli capital market.