Work at the Law Firm

Excellence, determination, self-motivation, a keen sense of responsibility and commitment to high quality service are the qualities that comprise the firm’s DNA.
Our firm is one of the most active in the Israeli capital market.
Lawyers at our firm are exposed to the most interesting deals in Israel’s capital market, ranging from special securities offerings and prospectuses to complex public company M&A transactions in Israel.
We at Shimonov & Co. are always looking for excellent lawyers, who have a keen interest in securities and capital markets, fit in with the firm’s DNA, and wish to join an office that is dynamic and a leader in its field.
For further details regarding threshold requirements and screening processes for work at our law firm, contact us via the following form.

Interning at a Leading Law Firm in the Capital Market

The work at the firm is both challenging and diverse, with interns working in a pool system, where everyone works with everyone. From the very outset, the interns are exposed to the frontline of dynamic activity in the Israeli capital market, which includes providing advice on and assistance with prospectuses, immediate reports, commercial transactions and drafting of legal opinions. The intern is involved in every stage of the prospectus or the relevant transaction. Already in the initial stages of their internship, the interns start to work directly with the firm’s clients. Our firm offers a pleasant and youthful working environment, where the intern gets to work with a highly professional team of lawyers.

Conditions Offered to the Firm’s Interns

Our office is located in 56 Maze St., in the center of Tel Aviv. The interns sit in spacious rooms (two interns per room). The wages paid to interns are among the highest in Israel (interns are even paid bonuses for investment).

Job Requirements

We are looking for interns with high academic achievements and outstanding personal qualities, superb oral and written communication skills, and an excellent command of English. Also required is an ability to work hard, and at times under pressure, with attention to precision and detail. Interns are also expected to be independent, self-motivated, have a keen sense of responsibility and an ability to be a team player.


The firm views its interns as future members of its cadre of lawyers, training them with the explicit purpose of recruiting them as lawyers at the end of their internship, as necessary. Most of the lawyers and partners at the firm have also done their internship there.

For more information, see our Interns site

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“If I had to put up a sign on the door I would say, there isn’t a problem that doesn’t have a solution” Adv. Israel Shimonov, Founding Partner
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“Capital Market is the Top of Commercial Law – it includes naturally Corporate Law and Securities Law at the higher level, but also includes many other tangible legal areas.” Adv. Dudi Berland, Senior Partner