Israel Shimonov

Founding Partner

Attorney Israel Shimonov began his legal career, in 1990 as an intern in the office of prof. Josef Gross (known today as Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co.) where he has been working as an attorney for another two years.

In August 1993 Adv. Israel Shimonov founded the Firm which becomes to be one of Israel’s leading law firms in securities and domestic capital markets.

Attorney Shimonov has more than twenty years of experience as a commercial lawyer specializing in securities and capital markets law, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions in Israel. Attorney Shimonov is considered an authority in his areas of expertise and is one of the leading practitioners in Israel in the areas of domestic securities law and capital markets in Israel. He is ranked as a leading lawyer in his field by Dun’s 100 BDI legal guides and “The best practitioners” in Securities and capital markets in Israel in Maariv newspaper.

Over the years Attorney Shimonov has represented clients in hundreds of public offerings and hundreds of complex capital raising projects from the private and institutional markets in a total capital raising scope of billions of NIS. Shimonov represents his clients on a vast range of corporate and securities law issues and also represents them in front of Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (“TASE”). In the last previous years Shimonov has represented more than one hundred M&A transactions of Israeli public companies, including, inter alia, the complicated and unique publicly traded shell mergers which took place in the Israeli capital market.

Adv. Shimonov has participated over the years in many precedential processes and breaking-through transactions in the Israeli capital market, such as highly complex merger and acquisition transactions of public companies as well as participation in the most significant hostile takeovers in the Israeli capital market over the last two decades.

Adv. Shimonov, was elected in 2008 to preside as the chairperson of the Capital Market and Securities Committee of the Israel Bar Association and was elected in 2012 to preside as the co-chairperson of the Capital Market and Securities Committee of the Tel Aviv District Israel Bar Association.

Due to the professional services provided by Adv. Shimonov to his clients, and especially in light of his skills and ample experience, the Legal 500 magazine has ranked him as one of the leading Israeli lawyers in his area of expertise. The prestigious magazine describes Adv. Shimonov as “knowledgeable and creative in his field of expertise”.



Hebrew and English


Tel Aviv University, LL.B., Buchmann faculty of law, 1990.


Israel Bar Association, 1991.