Prospectuses & IPO

Shimonov & Co. is one of Israel’s most experienced leading law firms specializing in capital markets, public & private offerings and corporate law. For over two decades Shimonov & Co. has led hundreds of prospectuses and hundreds of public offerings (IPOs and secondary market offerings), some of which were among the most significant and publicized in their field. Shimonov & Co. have also led ground-breaking stock offerings, such as leading all the stock offerings of American real estate firms in Israel, which nowadays form the bulk of the stock offerings taking place in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Furthermore, Shimonov & Co. has facilitated hundreds of private stock offerings totaling tens of billions of Israeli Shekels.


Shimonov & Co. is the most active firm in Israel in the fields of capital markets and stock offerings. Our team of lawyers is the largest of all the law firms in the country specializing in stock offerings and the stock market in general. In 2014 Shimonov & Co. has led the highest number of offerings and prospectuses for offerings in Israel.

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Foreign Companies in Israel

In view of Israel’s stable economic performance in recent years and thanks to the friendly interest environment, we have been witnessing an increasing flow of foreign companies seeking to register their stock for trading on the Israeli stock market. Most of these are American companies, most of which are among the largest and most prominent in their respective (real estate) markets in the USA, which offer securities (bonds in Israel). The Shimonov & Co. firm is proud to have led the majority of these offerings and to have developed this type of activity in Israel. We have emerged as the leading expert on flotations of American companies in Israel with a reputation all over New York and North America. Indeed we are proud to represent all of the American companies that have raised bonds in Israel including giants with very large real estate portfolios all over the USA.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Shimonov & Co. possesses unique experience, gained over many years in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Our firm has taken part in most of the precedential takeovers in Israel in the last 20 years.

Over the years Shimonov & Co. has handled hundreds of mergers and acquisitions of publicly traded companies, some of them among the most influential in the Israeli marketplace, as well as handling hundreds of acquisition proposals of all kinds and complex reorganization processes.

Capital Market Regulation

In view of the prominent position our Firm and its head occupy in the field of Israeli capital markets and securities, we have over the years grown to become a large, renowned expert firm in the field of regulation of the Israel capital market. We are constantly called upon to advise on regulation and enforcement. We provide services to numerous clients outside our regular clientele, who seek our expert opinion in this field. We have a special professional services department, managed by a senior lawyer who is also certified as an accountant, which provides ongoing daily statutory and regulatory updates to our staff of lawyers and customers as needed. The professional services department is also in charge of preparing expert opinions as well as evaluating and analyzing special cases.

Counseling Public Companies

Shimonov & Co. regularly supports leading publicly traded companies in Israel on all matters related to their conduct as reporting corporations. Our impressive portfolio of clients and our long-term relationships with them have enabled us to become highly specialized in supporting these companies’ legal needs.

This highly specialized representation includes assistance in preparing immediate reports, reports of transactions with controlling shareholders and private placements, assistance in preparing annual reports (Barnea), while also participating in meetings at the corporate institutions (boards of directors and their committees). The firm also assists its clients in preparing professional opinions, petitions to the Israel Securities Authority, issues of employee compensation policy, programs and options allocation outlines.