A boutique firm the only one of its kind in Israel

Working at Shimonov & Co.

Excellence, determination, a ‘can do’ attitude and a service-oriented approach are all part of the DNA of our firm.

Shimonov & Co. is one of the most active firms in the Israeli capital market.

Our attorneys handle some of the most fascinating transactions in the Israeli capital market – from special public offerings and prospectuses to complex mergers and acquisitions of public companies in Israel.

Shimonov & Co. is always seeking top-notch attorneys who are fascinated by the world of securities and the capital market, who fit in with the DNA of our firm and are interested in joining a dynamic law firm that is a leader in its field of expertise.

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Internship with a leading capital market law firm

The work at our firm is diverse and challenging and based on the “pool” method. The interns are exposed to the dynamic world of Israel’s capital market from day one, from drafting prospectuses and urgent reports to commercial transactions and writing expert opinions. Our interns are involved in all stages of the prospectus or the relevant transaction. Our interns experience working directly with the firm’s clients from the early stages of their internship. We strive to maintain a young, dynamic and pleasant working environment, assigning our interns to work with the firm’s professional legal team.

Terms for interns

Our offices are located on the 23rd floor of the Rogovin Tidhar Tower, at the stock exchange district in Ramat Gan. Interns are allocated personal work spaces in the interns’ area and enjoy the accepted terms of employment for leading law firms.


We seek interns with outstanding academic and personal achievements, excellent written and oral expression skills and a thorough command of English. Our interns must be capable of strenuous work, often under pressure, without compromising on precision and the small details. We are looking for lawyers that take initiative, are responsible and are excellent team players.


We see our interns as future attorneys at the firm. The firm trains interns for the clear purpose of recruiting them as attorneys in their field of expertise, as needed. The majority of lawyers and partners at the firm began